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Shipping Nationwide and International from Usa click here for Rates October 21 2014


                                            FROM UNITED STATES


Nationwide-United States - Shipping rates with Tracking Number USPS
Price Under $50.00........................$2.00 
Price From   $51.00 to $100.00 ....$ FREE
Price From   $101.00 to 250.00.... $ FREE


International Shipping from the United states with tracking number USPS

Australia - shipping rate
Up  to $250.00 .... $17.00
Canada -  shipping rate
Up to  $250.00 .... $12.00
Denmark -  shipping rate
Up  to $250.00 ....$ 20.00
France -  shipping rate
Up  to $250.00 ....$19.00
Germany  - shipping rate
Up  to $250.00 .... $20.00
Italy  - shipping rate
Up  to $250.00 .... $19.00
Mexico  - shipping rate
Up to $250.00 .... $15.00
Monaco  - shipping rate
Up to $250.00 .... $19.00
Netherlands  - shipping rate
Up to $250.00 ....  $22.00
New Zealand  - shipping rate
Up to $250.00 ....$22.00
Norway -  shipping rate
Up to $250.00  ....$21.00
Poland -  shipping rate
Up to $250.00  ....$22.00
Rest of the World International Shipping
Up to 250.00 ....$25.00

Any question feel free to send an email
Purchases will be shipped from The United states of America

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Alpaca Clothing Care same as Cashmere July 24 2014

Alpaca care Wash same as Cashmere

How to clean your alpaca clothing

*Fill a clean sink or tub with cold water and a small amount of mild liquid

detergent like baby shampoo or Woolite

* Do not use chlorine bleach .

*Soak the garment for 3 to 5 minutes, gently squeezing the suds through the garment. Avoid twisting, wringing, scrubbing,

*Rinse the garment twice in clean, cold water and gently squeeze out the excess. Be gentle handling it to avoid wrinkles and distortion.

*Lay the garment between two towels, roll up the towels and set it aside for a few minutes.

*Place the garment on a dry towel or sweater rack and reshape (do not hang to dry).

*If the garment is wrinkled after drying, you can steam it simply hang it up in the bathroom, run the shower, and let the steam ease away the creases.

Any questions about care Please feel free to send me and EMAIL